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How is this happening? When did it begin? It is mid-November and these liquid months have been draining through my fingers. They have been for a while, I just hadn’t noticed before. Wednesday morning found me sitting at the sun-drenched corner table of a nearby… Read more


It Became Winter

    Every leaf fell in unison with the first snow of the season; in an instant it became winter. Next morning each tree had beneath it an ankle-deep carpet of corresponding colour. The shadows, yet to see sunlight, edged with ice.  


Colder Gusts of Wind

It has come to that awkward time of year. It is unexpectedly cold outside but the building manager has yet to turn on the heat for the apartments in this building, the heat hasn’t come on until November in the past years we’ve lived here.… Read more


Drinking Rain

The hot and humid days of summer have given way to cooler temperatures and a little rain. Saturday was beautiful: clear skies, a cool breeze and warm sunshine. Mikey and I took a long walk to the store in the afternoon, to collect supplies for… Read more


Porch Garden

My warm and humid Saturday afternoon involved a walk to buy plants and potting soil from a nearby hardware store. Mikey, still worn out from a late evening of play with his best friend the day before, opted to stay home with his daddy instead.… Read more