A few weeks ago the threat of frost was officially over. The sun was shining, and has been shining almost every day since. I planted some vegetables outside, in pots because our soil is not so great here. We have tomatoes, bell pepper, jalapenos, eggplant. We have thyme, parsley, and basil.

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.

– Margaret Atwood

I’ve had dirt under my fingernails almost every day since then, pottering around in the yard, trimming shrubs and pulling up weeds.

After spending hours at a time outside in the bright sunshine I return inside, and the cool darkness of the house looks splotchy as my eyes adjust.

We had our wobbly old deck repaired this week and unfortunately, as I was cleaning up bits and pieces left by the workmen, I stepped on an old rusty nail from the old deck flooring. It went through my shoe and punctured my heel, meaning that I had to go and get a tetanus shot. A few days later and my swollen arm hurt more from the shot than my foot did from the original injury. A week later and the swelling has finally gone down in my arm.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend, spending time with the family and lots of planning for new things.


  1. Raquel Nichols

    No fun getting a nail in your foot. Can’t wait to see photos of you vegetable! 🙂

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