Less Strong


The move out of the city has meant that I no longer really walk anywhere. My 5 miles per day average has slipped down to less than a mile. I work from home, so most days I am simply sitting in front of a computer. I can feel it in my body, I am slower and less strong, my back aches.

Earlier in the week I walked to the lake again, to observe the forest and see what was growing there as warmer weather approaches. The forest is mostly evergreens but there were a few splashes of green buds lower to the forest floor as well, growing up toward the light that pools through the canopy.

While I can’t make the walk to the lake every day, I’ve begun a mixture of pilates and yoga again at home, hopefully to move onto some weight lifting when my body feels ready. Work has been busy and stressful these past few months and I think that some exercise will ease that quite a lot (as well as finishing up a few fairly time-intensive projects). My legs already ache from this week’s exercise, that old but familiar feeling of not really being able to walk up stairs after an intense leg day.

March should mark the end to a lot of this busyness with work, so I’m hoping to be able to work again on some personal projects. I’d love to be able to balance out some of these projects with work-related things. Freelancing is wonderful, but I need to work on my organisational skills.





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  1. Beautiful words and photos, Bex, a blessed reminder that I need to get out for regular walking again. There is a convenient two and a quarter mile loop that I don’t walk nearly often enough at work. And I miss my Saturday and evening walks.
    Steven Tryon´s last post ..52 Week Photography Challenge #10

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