Thanksgiving in NC


On the day of Thanksgiving this year we packed up the car with made-ahead food, overnight bags, and ourselves. Then we made the 2 and a half hour drive to North Carolina, where we spent Thursday and Friday with my husband’s extended family.

The drive to North Carolina was beautiful. The radio in our car wasn’t working, so I read aloud the history of each area we passed through as we drove. The drive home the following day was equally as beautiful. It seemed so very quintessentially American to see everyone driving home through the mountains on the Friday after Thanksgiving with fresh Christmas trees tied to the roof of their cars. (Which reminds me that we need to start thinking about getting our Christmas tree for this year!)

I’ve been a little slow on posting photos from the trail we all walked along on Thanksgiving after lunch, I’ve been catching up on the work that I didn’t do on the days that I took off for the holiday. The trail was beautiful though, it ran alongside a small river. Mikey spent the 2 days either off playing with his relations (My husband’s cousin’s children… I’m not sure what relation that is to Mikey!) or sulking because he wasn’t feeling well, two extremes which meant that he was only in 1 or 2 photographs that I took on either day.



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