Naughty Cats at Christmas


It’s Max’s first Christmas! We’d been worried that he might decide to try and climb the tree, as he has a habit of getting himself into trouble. So far, both he and Meridian have decided that they rather like just sitting on the tree skirt beneath the tree (and occasionally wrestling, or batting at low hanging ornaments).

We were surprised, but glad, that he didn’t seem particularly interested in playing with the tree too much. However last night we accidentally left the master bathroom door open, I was working at my computer when I heard a scratching noise from what sounded like the closet. I thought I’d accidentally shut him in the closet, but when I opened the door he wasn’t there.

I went into the next room, the main bathroom, to see if he was there. He wasn’t in there either, but I could still hear a scratching noise and it sounded like it was coming from the heating vent. Oh No.

I went into the master bathroom and lo-and behold he had opened the cabinet and got into the space beneath the bathtub again. Except this time he’d gone much further: into the walls and through to the the wall of the next room.


It took 20 minutes and much rattling of his food bowl to get him to come back out the way he got in. It seems as though relying on keeping the door shut isn’t going to work out, I think we’re going to have to buy child locks for the cabinet. This time Meridian wasn’t the one who let him in there, although she was standing by and observing. Looks like he’s worked out how to open cabinet doors himself.

Life was pretty quiet before we adopted naughty cats.



  1. I have a roll of 120 film from the Yashica-D that has gone missing. I think I left it on the dining room table or, perhaps, on the bookshelf. Bella was just discovering the joys(!) of puberty and was thoroughly freaky. My working assumption is that she knocked it on to the floor or behind the shelves. I’ve looked in the easy places. I still have to move the shelves out so I can look behind them.

    (I need to close the gap between them and the all.)
    Steven Tryon´s last post ..Up and Down

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