Lakeside Walks

My husband was away over the weekend, attending the Playstation Experience Expo in San Francisco for work. Mikey hasn’t been feeling well since Thanksgiving, he caught a mild cold that week and as is usual with his asthma it went straight to his chest and the cough just hasn’t shifted. We had some fun things planned for the weekend and I hoped that some play at the lake, in the fresh air, would be fun and would ease his cough a little.

Before lunch on Saturday we walked the 10 minutes to the lake. We climbed over tree roots and rocks on the shore, squished our way through red clay, scavenged for objects of interest among driftwood, and quietly hid behind trees while watching Blue Herons on the water.

We followed that up by coming home and doing a little yard work. The leaves and branches are everywhere, it is going to take at least a week to get both the front and back cleared. We stopped for the day when we reached our weekly yard waste bag limit, and sadly it seems that we have barely made a dent in the work that needs to be done.

Later in the afternoon we baked some chocolate chip cookies and did a little reading.

My husband returns from San Francisco today, and we’ll start our family Christmas activities by watching some of our favourite Christmas movies and getting our tree this weekend! I love decorating for Christmas, and I know Mikey is excited about it too!


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