Advent Calendar 2015


I left it to the last moment again, realising only the week before Thanksgiving that I hadn’t bought an advent calendar yet this year. The nice ones sell out pretty fast and we couldn’t find any at the store, the ones we could find online were all overpriced. I decided to make an advent calendar again this year instead.

I’m in love with this little shop I found on Etsy – Paperette Shoppe, which is where I got these adorable business card sized envelopes.

I spent the evening of November 30th watching old episodes of Law & Order and drinking a big mug of tea. I set out my pens, some gold tape, and a few little pieces of chocolate while I got to work decorating each envelope. I wrote the date on the front of the envelopes, doodled a little, and then filled each one with a tiny card and a piece of chocolate. Some of the cards have activities (Friday’s card says “Play board games!” and Saturday’s card says “Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies”) and others just have little fun notes.

Instead of finding some way of hanging the envelopes I just decided that I could put one in Mikey’s lunchbox each day, he seems to enjoy opening them at school. We’ve been more elaborate with our Advent Calendar before (a couple of years ago he had a large Angry Birds K’Nex calendar, which was pretty cool) but I kind of like this simple way of doing it.


So, December 3rd is a little late to be posting an advent calendar DIY! But if you’d like to do something similar, the adorable recycled kraft envelopes can be found here. Paperette Shoppe has some other gorgeous paper items in the shop too. I bought extra envelopes (pack of 50) so that I can do this same thing next year, and not be so last minute about it!

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