Out in the Woods


I’d been promising myself that I’d walk over to the lake nearby to our new home just as soon as the weather improved, but the rain has been almost non-stop since we arrived. On Wednesday I decided I’d had enough of being stuck inside, rain or no rain I was going to walk to the lake.

There was plenty of drizzle and mud, but the walk was more beautiful than I imagined it would be. Once the road ended and I found myself in the park, the forest was dotted with little trails and lined with beautiful foliage.



These cloudy days actually make the colours of the leaves seem that much brighter. I walked for a good hour or so, getting a little lost but thoroughly enjoying being out in nature again. Add to that the joy of being able to use my camera for non-work purposes again and I had a great morning just wandering aimlessly.

I’m making a mental note that I need to do this more often.


  1. Raquel Nichols

    I can’t wait to see it in person! The lake looks so beautiful …

    • It is very pretty. Hopefully there will still be some colourful leaves when you are here before Thanksgiving!

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