Naughty Cats


The kitten is now larger than Meridian, and he is still not yet fully grown. He demands cuddles at all times by pushing his way onto laps and into arms, no matter what else you’re trying to do.

Two days ago he tore up an entire roll of toilet paper, spreading debris throughout the entire house.

He loves that he can now see birds and other animals from the windows, and will sit chattering excitedly at them. He meows frequently and loudly, particularly when he is looking for someone to cuddle with. His purr is still like a jet engine, and sometimes he gets so excited about purring that he’ll purr with his mouth open.

This morning I woke up at 6 to get Mikey’s lunch ready for school. Normally both cats start rubbing around my legs as soon as I step foot out of bed, tripping me and purring at me. Stepping on them is a common morning occurrence. This morning neither cat was anywhere to be found.

After making myself some coffee I decided to rattle their food bowls (they normally come running) but only Meridian appeared. After about an hour I was fixing my hair in the bathroom when I heard a muffled meow. I looked around for a little while, opening cabinets to see if he’d got stuck somewhere. He had. Except he had also got shut in the cabinet which has a crawl space to get beneath the huge bathtub. So he was beneath the bathtub, covered in dust, where I couldn’t reach him.

I feel like I have to explain a little. Meridian knows how to open and close cabinet doors. She doesn’t ever really go inside when she’s opened them, she’ll just look around and then leave… it’s become part of her daily house patrol. Max is a very curious kitten. What I can imagine happened is that Meridian opened the cabinet door, Max went in to explore, and Meridian pushed it closed behind him and wandered off. Max is not so bright, he may not have worked out how to open the cabinet door from the inside.

Of course, not 20 minutes after managing to get him out, I hear some scratching. I’d left the bottom drawer of my dresser open. He had climbed in, scrabbled over the back of the drawer into the space behind and got stuck. Meridian was sitting on the bed quietly observing.

Such is life with a pair of naughty cats.


  1. Raquel Nichols

    Maybe Meridian is trying to get rid of Max……I couldn’t help but laugh as I read your post 😆

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