Coffee Break


How can we possibly go for a month and a half without fully unpacking from the move? The living room is set up, the kitchen is mostly organized. The rest of the house? Not so much. I took the weekend off from work (kind of) and spent a lot of time scrubbing, organizing, and general cleaning. There’s still a lot more to go though.

The master bedroom is tidy, but I’ve yet to put up curtains in there, or get a rug for the floor, or art for the walls, so it still feels a little empty and cold. I finally got around to putting up a closet rail in the master bath walk-in closet though which makes things seem a little more organized. Mikey’s room is sort of half done, the floor is clear but there are no shelves on the walls and half of his toys are still in boxes. The office that my husband and I now share? Well the computers are set up at least… It needs the most work out of all of the rooms. And this is all without mentioning the basement room, or yard work that needs doing. It’s our first time with a yard all of our own so we didn’t have any tools!

I know we’ll get there eventually, a little at a time. The goal is to be completely set up before we start decorating for Christmas, so there’s no rush.

We’ll spend another weekend before Thanksgiving working on the unfinished rooms and unpacking the boxes left in the basement. Cleaning, setting everything up. The new house does feel like a home already, despite the boxes left in the basement!

*Awesome Punky Moms Mug pictured c/o


    • Ha, yes I think we did that same thing when we were packing to move here. Found a few things still packed from the move before!

    • Not only did I not give it up, I got my husband into it too and we have to order it from Amazon! *sigh* We do coffee in the morning and switch to tea in the afternoon/evening 🙂

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