Trees Mean Leaves


Whenever we’ve made plans so far to walk to the nearby lake, the weather has decided to be cloudy and wet. Of course, when we’re busy with work and school the sunshine comes out again. So we haven’t managed to make the walk to the lake yet, despite our best efforts.

Instead, I’ve been walking around in our yard. Using my breaks from work to just walk around taking everything in. At the back of our house is a clear grassy area that, if it wasn’t so muddy at the moment, would be perfect for Mikey to play. Along one side is the fence to our neighbour’s yard, and on the other side is a little stretch of rather large trees that loom over the house. The pine tree occasionally drops pine cones onto the roof, the sound of them hitting and then slowly rolling down has surprised me more than once when I’ve been at home with no music on.

Of course, trees mean leaves and this time of year that means yard work. We haven’t yet bought ourselves any tools for taking care of the trees and the garden, but it’s the next thing on our list as it’s about time we raked up these slippery leaves. I’ll be sure to grab a few pine cones and twigs while we work, they’ll be lovely dried out and dipped in gold paint.

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