Making a New Home



We’re slowly working on unpacking our boxes, fitting old things into new spaces. The cats have settled in now, walking around with their tails up in the air and wrestling one another on the stairs at night when everyone else is attempting to sleep. It’ll take a little longer to physically settle in, but mentally this house already seems like home.

Our first week in Georgia was cloudy with a lot of rain, our backyard became quite muddy and we were stuck inside for the most part. But it’s still lovely to be able to look outside and see trees, even if it is raining. Both humans and cats have been interested in the wildlife outside. During our second week the weather has been beautiful. I’ve been sitting outside on our deck to take little breaks from unpacking, just drinking coffee and maybe reading a few pages of a book. On clear nights from this same back deck we can see so many stars through the gaps in the tree canopy.

The second week’s weather was a little better, and this week has begun with a cool breeze and lovely bright sunshine.

The wildlife has been interesting for me, it’s funny how you can not realise that you have missed something until you see it again. We have many more birds now than in Chicago, including a family of cardinals that live in our neighbour’s backyard, a couple of visiting bluejays, a red-headed woodpecker, a little brown hummingbird, and some kind of bird of prey that often soars high overhead. When my husband relinquishes my camera (he has been using it for work) I have been planning to see if I can get a few photographs. Last week I saw a shadow pass our dining window, and when I looked out a young deer was making its way through the trees at the side of the house. There are a family of chipmunks in our neighbour’s back yard, I have seen them chasing one another through the leaves on several days. At night, instead of the city sounds that we’d become used to, there are crickets chirping and owls hooting in the distance.

Mikey has returned to school. We made the decision to send him back because the schools here are much better rated than the ones in Chicago, we’re hoping to avoid the same problems that we had there. We visited the school last week and I think  I can say that all of us loved it. Everyone we met was very engaged and welcoming, there was kids art all over the walls and even on the ceiling tiles. Their homework policies and special needs services seem to be much more comprehensive as well. Today is his first day, we walked him to class to meet his teacher and all of the other second graders were very excited to meet him. I hope that he is enjoying himself.



  1. I’m so glad that you’re settling in nicely in GA. It sounds like you’ve found the perfect place to lay new roots and watch the stars shine bright!

    Hope Mikey has a fantastic first day of school!

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