September has been a month of upheaval, and October promises to bring much of the same.

I celebrated my 30th birthday at the start of the month, that’s one of the big ones! I certainly don’t feel any older though. I spent a wonderful day at home with Mikey and my husband.

The real big news though, is that my husband was offered an amazing job opportunity, something that he has been seeking for a while. We had been quiet on it until recently as we had wanted to wait for everything to be lined up before really telling anyone.

So in accepting this job, we will all be moving to just north of Atlanta at the end of September! Yes, we’re pros at these last moment moves, having been a military family for the first half of our marriage… but even so, it has been and will be a stressful few weeks. Looking for a place to rent, packing up our home, driving from Chicago to Atlanta with an 8 year old and 2 cats.

We’re excited about the move, well really that’s an understatement. The only downside really is that we’ll be moving around Mikey’s birthday! But that can’t be helped. We’re going to throw him a little early family party next week instead, and he seems quite happy with that concept.

We have found a lovely little house to rent, near to a lake and surrounded by trees. It’ll be an interesting change to live out of the city, but honestly we’re looking forward to the peace and quiet, excited about having our own yard and our own space rather than living in an apartment. It’ll be the first time we’ve lived in a house since Mikey was a little tiny baby in Texas.

Onward to new things!


    • That’s what we said to him, happy birthday Mikey, new house (an actual house instead of an apartment!) with a yard, and a deck, with a short walk to the lake. It’s going to be great.

      (Dan’s new job is for a video game company out there, to say that he’s thrilled would likely be the understatement of the century!)

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