After packing up on Saturday afternoon, we ate our last Chicago deep dish pizza and slept on air mattresses in an empty apartment. Early on Sunday morning I walked a street over to get coffee and then we loaded the cats and the remainder of our belongings into a rental car. We swept the floor in our old apartment and started the long drive from Chicago to Atlanta.

The drive, although long, was smoother than expected. We drove through Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee before making it to Georgia  My husband decided it would be best for him to drive it all in one trip, rather than staying in a hotel part way. We arrived at a relative’s house just outside Atlanta at 2am on Monday morning, so unfortunately we didn’t get to see very much of the pretty landscape in the dark. The sun was just starting to go down as we reached Louisville, so I managed to get a pretty photo as we crossed the bridge.

After sleeping a little on Monday morning, we made the extra 40 minute drive to meet the rental agency representative at our new house. This was the first time I had seen the house in person, my husband had flown down beforehand to take a look at it. It’s just lovely, tucked away in the woods with a few other houses. A deck overlooking a small back yard, tall ceilings, more space than we’re used to, quiet. We’re in love with this pretty little house.

The moving company arrived with our belongings on Tuesday afternoon; now we have boxes upon boxes to unpack. We’re very tired, I am looking forward to the unpacking being finished and the house being set up.

It’s Wednesday and it’s Mikey’s real birthday, as opposed to the early one we celebrated last week. He had a small extra gift to open today, and we’ll get him some cupcakes from the store this evening. Our beds were all set up yesterday and I don’t think I have slept so well in a long time. This morning my husband headed out to work at his new job, and I have work to do unpacking.

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