Early Birthday


In the midst of all of this sorting and packing, we decided to celebrate Mikey’s birthday a week early. We had originally intended to be travelling down to Georgia on the actual day of his birthday, but that has since been moved up to the weekend before. Still, we will be in the new house on his real birthday and we thought it might be better to celebrate an early birthday with family and friends before we left.

We let him open one gift before family arrived at the apartment for pizza and cake. This gift was something he’s been researching and talking about non-stop since he first found out about it.

The new Mario Maker game, where you get to design your own Mario levels. We decided to have the party be a Mario theme as well, with red and green balloons to decorate (the mostly boxed up apartment) and a Super Mario Brothers cake from Mikey’s vovó and vovô.

Mikey said “That was the best early birthday EVER!”



    • The game is REALLY good, Mikey loves it. He’s been playing it almost non-stop since he opened it. I haven’t had a go yet but looks like it’d be fun for adults too if you’re into that sort of thing 🙂

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