Will We Ever Sleep Again?



This little boy kitten, although very cute, has been keeping us awake at night.

He’s so much smaller than Meridian, but he makes up for that by being much louder than her. And then when the both of them decide to wrestle on our bed at 2am… well we haven’t been able to get so much sleep lately.

Surprised by the loud bang of metal hitting hardwood floor, I turned to see that he had knocked over the laundry drying rack. So far today he has also been chasing himself in circles, falling off of the window ledge while trying to attack far away squirrels, and trying his luck at scaling bookshelves.

He’ll curl up and sleep during the afternoon and begin anew once he wakes.


  1. The best one our cats did was when Aquila (as I remember) was chasing light reflections on the wall above the top bunk in the boys’ room and did the proverbially run-off-the-edge-of-the-cliff routine, ala Wiley Coyote. Great was the thump thereof.
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    • haha! They are funny creatures, he has fallen off of our bed several times… although that’s closer to the ground than a top bunk!

  2. It’s really looking very cute…My kids love kitten very much. After reading your blog I am also thinking about to adopt a lovely kitten and give them a big surprise.

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