Glorious Horror

I love horror, both reading horror novels and watching horror films. I normally lean more towards the classic Gothic Horrors, I have re-read Dracula and Frankenstein more than any other books in my library, but I do sometimes like to try something a little more modern. It depends on my mood and the weather, there’s really nothing better than a good classic horror during the autumn and winter months, but sometimes I like to use the relative gloom of these books or films to hide away from those too-hot summer days.

My husband recently recommended the anime series Shikias we have just subscribed to the Funimation streaming service for anime. It’s not one of the best horror animes that I have seen but it has been pretty good so far. It reminded me a lot of a particular setting of horror that I enjoy in both film and books, the isolated location setting.

With that in mind, when I was collecting Mikey up from Pokemon Club at our local comic book store on Saturday I also picked up a copy of volume one of graphic novel version of Revival. After finishing my work for the week, I set myself up on Sunday for an evening of isolation horror!

I’ve nearly finished watching Shiki, then I’ll be on the search for the next horror series to watch.

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