Hello, Kitten


Over the weekend we went back to the same shelter that we brought Meridian home from a year ago. This time we left with a boy kitten, a crazy ball of fluff that only has two modes: naughty or asleep.

His name is Max, he is very cuddly and his purr is like a jet engine.

My husband had told me that he wanted a kitten for his birthday. We decided to visit the shelter the weekend before and, while we were there looking at all of the kittens they had in the kitten room, my husband picked the most mischievous boy kitten they had.

Our original resident cat, Meridian, has been mostly unimpressed with the kitten so far. There was some hissing and growling when they first met, but now a few days later they are nose touching and playing together. When Meridian is tired of endless kitten energy, she goes and hides out in her secret spot in the bedroom.

I don’t trust them yet to not kill one other or destroy the apartment while unsupervised, so they still have to be separated whenever we leave the house or go to sleep at night. Max cries when left alone so, unfortunately for Meridian, Max gets the bedroom with us at night.

Mikey is thrilled to have a kitten to play with, and he is looking forward to when the cats will both be friends. We know it’ll take some time.