White Tulips

White Tulips [Bumbles and Light]

My husband returned home from LA early on Tuesday morning, heading straight to bed for another hour or so because planes really aren’t the best place to get a good nights sleep. I set my alarm to wake before he arrived home, so that I could get some work done early in the day. My eyes are blurred and watery, staring at a computer screen, so I do regret that decision a little now that I’m actually sitting here.

The week has begun much the same way as any other. Perhaps it appears boring, but the predictability is a relief. Mikey and I worked on school work on Monday morning. Reading, writing, some practice at subtraction using manipulatives, some social studies work where we are studying maps and the history of Chicago. We’ll work on some school again today.

It’s been a strange transition, from sending him to school every day to having him home and teaching him here. We’ve had a few (read: a lot) of hiccoughs along the way as we transition out of school mode, but I think we’re settling in quite nicely now. Time management is not my strong suit, but it’s becoming more and more important as I juggle schooling Mikey, work, and housework. It’s taken me just as much time as Mikey to become accustomed to the new routine.

Today we have an art project to start work on, as well as handwriting practice, reading, and math. We’re kind of going by the school model of splitting into subjects, to help the transition for both of us, but Mikey is leading in choosing his own projects for each subject and learning to focus on areas that he needs help in. After announcing that he is “the worst” at subtraction, we had to come up with a plan of how to learn it.

A couple of the things he was having trouble with while in school have already improved a lot after a couple of months at home. His fine motor problems have improved with the addition of handwriting practice every day, something we couldn’t do while he was in regular school and by the time we had struggled our way through homework for an hour or two and eaten dinner he was completely over doing anything else. But it fits in perfectly now with our early morning routine of reading – handwriting – journal, and he seems happy with his own progress.

We’re going to be doing school over the summer too, to catch him up in the areas that he had been struggling with. Of course, doing school at home is relaxed enough that he’ll still be able to play outside for most of the day as well.

*Photo taken with the Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic


  1. I know finding the time to study myself and work on things is hard enough, let alone finding the time to study and teach someone else. Saying that, I’ve always preferred teaching others to studying for myself, it can be a lot more rewarding. Sounds like you two are making it for for you though!

    ~ K
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