Sunday Cooking

Bacon Sarnie [Bumbles and Light]

I’ve likely said it before, but I’ll say it again: There are very few things I enjoy more than spending an entire Sunday cooking. It is warm outside, the windows are open wide and a breeze is flowing through the apartment. There’s really so little that is as lovely as this for us homebodies. Even though the apartment needs a good spring cleaning, and though there is a to-do list as long as my forearm waiting for me for next week, I can delight in this single day spent preparing food.

Bacon sarnies for sunday lunch: that’s bacon and HP brown sauce (overpriced, imported from England, worth it) together in a toasted bread sandwich. I happened to had just been thinking about this while I was grocery shopping on Sunday, I spied the HP sauce in the world food section of the supermarket and sometimes you just have to indulge a whim.

In the crockpot, on low heat, pork shoulder cooking with onions and root beer. It wouldn’t be ready until late Sunday evening, but will be perfect for Monday’s dinner and lunches thereafter. I wanted to throw together some homemade coleslaw to go with it. I remembered my experiments last summer and the results: delicious but far too much coleslaw for three people to eat. I picked up some coleslaw from the deli for us to try instead.

On the stovetop for later was brown rice and chicken. Both will be left to cool to make Chicken, Rice and Bean salad for Sunday’s dinner. It was perfect as a cool respite from the day’s humid temperatures.

On Monday morning I began the task of making my way through my to-do list for the day: housework, phonecalls, client work. Looking forward to curling up with a book later in the evening.