Always Make Time for Cake

It’s been a month of minor upheavals. Deciding whether to move or to resign the lease on our apartment (we decided to stay). Some things up in the air for a long while as to whether we would even be moving to a different state (we are not). I’ve started some new freelance work projects this month, in addition to the dog walking that I have been doing for years. These projects have been pretty varied and are keeping me very busy in one way or another, the good kind of busy where I feel like I’m being useful and  productive.

Juggling everything can be a struggle, but we do have the advantage that we can set our own schedule now for the most part. I’m having the most difficulty with fitting housework into the schedule, of course that would be partly because it’s the least appealing of the things I have to do! We are going to have to move Mikey’s Aikido class to a different day to accommodate a certain Pokemon club he is very excited about joining. I’ve been on the search for some kind of homeschool group or meet up in the area as well; Mikey has been doing great in our low-structure lessons at home, better than I’d imagined even, but I can tell that he is pretty sick of hanging out with only me and the cat (and daddy when he is home from work).

Pictured above is the delicious Strawberry Summer Cake that I baked last weekend, it was divine and I wish there was some left to eat right now but it was so good that it didn’t last the day.

As for right now, Mikey is in bed asleep with the ceiling fan in his room whirring away. The cat is stalking around the house looking for a cool spot to nap in. The windows are open wide throughout the apartment, bringing in a beautiful cool breeze. I’m about the get started on some work, then I’ll break for some housework and perhaps squeeze in some reading before bed.



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