Mikey’s shirtjeans and jacket were sent c/o George at ASDA. All opinions are my own.


On Monday of last week Mikey, a friend, and I took the El Train south to visit the zoo. It was cloudy, but the temperatures had risen enough for it to be “jacket weather” as opposed to coat weather. We were thankful to be able to leave our thick Chicago winter coats at home and Mikey got to wear his lovely new fleece-lined hoodie from George at ASDA.

We wandered around the zoo, stopping here and there to check out the flamingos, sea lions, tigers, and making sure to stop at Mikey’s favourite animals: the meercats.


The sleeping meercat in the photo above kept on slipping from his sleeping spot. We watched him for a little while as he slipped bit by bit until he’d fallen enough to wake himself up and move back into his original sleeping position!

We watched the meercats for a while, noticing that they were doing the same thing that our book said they do. Some were alert and standing watch while others slept, a few were eating. They were in groups, and working together to take turns to play a certain role.

After the meercats, we went to get some food at a restaurant nearby and then resumed our trip around the zoo. Our last stop was the small animal house, where Mikey discovered his new favourite animal at the zoo: The Slow Loris. We saw him climbing around in his enclosure on our way in to the nocturnal animals exhibit, and of course we had to go back and see him again after we had looked at everything else.

On the way home Mikey talked about wanting to do some research about the Slow Loris, but before that we walked to a nearby park so that he could run around for a while. The jeans from George at ASDA that he is wearing are thick and sturdy, perfect for little boys who like to climb, swing, crawl, and roll.


Mikey’s shirtjeans and jacket were sent c/o George at ASDA. All opinions are my own.

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