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Leaf Circle Free Download [Bumbles and Light]

Last week I was doing some drawing while watching PBS Kids with Mikey, I’d been looking at these lovely colouring pages for adults by Johanna Basford and felt quite inspired to do some little line drawings myself.

After I’d finished a rough sketch in pencil I decided to go over the lines with a fine tip pen, then I scanned it into Adobe Illustrator and thought that I’d give the Live Draw option a try to make my lines look a little more smooth and neat. I’m still learning how to use Illustrator so it’s fun to try out as many of the available options as I can. After a little digital colouring I was done, but had no idea what to do with the final image.

I thought I’d just go ahead and put it up here for anyone who might want to use it for something. You can simply right click and save the above PNG file (it printed fine on A4/letter at this image size). There’s also an uncoloured vector pdf version available to download here if you wanted to resize or colour it yourself!

After I posted the final image to twitter, Randi suggested that it would be great to use it for some pretty notecards. I think it would be great for that, or perhaps to print on card, cut out the middle part and use it as a frame.

It’s totally free for use, no attribution needed (but it is appreciated if posted online). If you use it to make something else, or edit it in some way, you’re more than welcome to post your own creation online for others. I only ask that this illustration not be used for commercial purposes, redistributed in it’s original form, or claimed as your own.


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