The Boy and His Cat


When we got Meridian from the shelter last year in June we knew that we wanted a cat but weren’t really that sure how Mikey and a cat would interact with one another. We thought that cats tend to be solitary type creatures and although she would certainly be an important part of the family, most likely that cat would just ignore him and do her own thing.

We couldn’t have been further from the truth. Mikey and Meridian are thick as thieves. 

She wakes in the morning usually after Mikey has got out of bed and will follow him around for a while. She will hide in various spots around the apartment and play at hunting him. If he spots her she’ll leap into the air and run away to find a new hiding spot, if he doesn’t notice her watching him she will wait and pounce, play-attacking him (always keeping her claws in, to be gentle) amid squeals of laughter. If he is cuddling with me, watching TV on the couch, she will climb up onto the both of us and lie on top.

He’ll find YouTube videos of silly cats and bring the iPad to her so they can watch them together. She will dig around among the toys in his bedroom and occasionally bring a small one out to him, or she will bring her own toys to him so that they can play together. He likes to find boxes or make little nests for her to sit in. She will inevitably try to investigate absolutely anything he is doing and she loves it when he is home.

At Mikey’s bedtime she has to be kept out of his room while he is falling asleep because she just wants to cuddle up with him and it ends up keeping him awake. After he has fallen asleep she’ll sneak in and curl up at the foot of his bed. Sometimes I will peek into his room late at night and I’ll notice that he has woken up and shuffled down on his bed so that he can sleep next to her.

They are completely enamored with one another, it’s a beautiful thing.


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  2. Raquel

    Love reading your posts. What a lovely cat you have and a little boy too!

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