One Week

We had thought that perhaps winter was over and done with, one week can make all the difference. Last week the snow melted away entirely, dirty grey replaced by dreary brown. The sun warmed the soil and we were excited to see little patches of green began to appear here and there. Early spring flowers: snowdrops, daffodils, tulips, all pushing their way up through the debris.

But, of course, winter in Chicago is a tricky beast. Monday’s clouds piled some late March snow over the top of everything and, just as I’d been contemplating packing away my snow boots for the season, we’re back to where we began.

Plans for trips to the park have been postponed, although there’s still fun to be had in pulling on our coats and running outside the apartment for some impromptu snowball fights.

We have plenty of books to keep us company inside until the weather improves again. I’m still sticking with my plan to read more this year and I finished The Neverending Story last week. It started out being a guilt read… I was never a big fan of the film and had never read the book, I read it at my husband’s urging as it is one of his childhood favourites. I didn’t like the entire first half of the book, the prose felt awkward and slow, but I did stick with it and while the translation still felt off, the story redeemed itself in the second half. I don’t think it will make my list of favourite books, but I’m glad at least that I’ve now read it.

Mikey brought home a pile of books about space and planets from the library last Wednesday for his read-aloud work. At bedtime my husband and I have been switching between reading him Terry Pratchett’s Bromeliad Trilogy and Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree Collection, respectively. Both are story collections that I remember from my own childhood, I think I must have made my way through every Enid Blyton story in existence and I’ve been excited to be able to finally share them with Mikey.

I also read The Little Friend by Donna Tartt last week. It was another slow read but in a different way, I had originally been a little put off by some poor reviews but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I can’t help but wonder if these recent “slow reads” have more to do with me than with the books themselves. I’ve been making my way through Donna Tartt’s books, courtesy of our local library, I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I loved The Secret History.

I’ve got The Book of Strange New Things by Michel Faber and The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt next on my “to read” list.

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    • I’m not a huge fan of our particular library branch, but we make do 🙂 I do enjoy this “modern age” of being able to put things on hold and get ebooks online without even leaving my apartment.

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