O, Rainy Days



We spent the dreary, cold weekend indoors. The smell of lemon chicken baking in the oven filled the apartment on Friday evening. I love to cook Baked Lemon Chicken this time of year and it has begun to signify Spring for me. Smells and flavours reminding us that, despite the cold, Spring is happening in secret all around: within the trees, beneath the soil and leftover winter snow piles.

We began some Easter crafts this weekend, sat cross-legged on the living room floor, cutting and sewing. Star Trek played on the television with the volume turned down low, and rain spattered against the window. We carefully chose paper colours and corresponding thread to create an Easter banner for our dining room. I’ll share it soon.

Mikey and I began thinking up prompts for his journaling, he’s been having trouble thinking of things to write about. I think that we may cut out some prompts and make a journal jar for him to choose from each day. Writing has been turning into something difficult for him because of not having any ideas, in reality he does have plenty of ideas but tends to drag his feet when deciding which one to choose. I often have a similar problem, too many ideas can be just as bad as none sometimes.


    • Yes I like those too, although I’m honestly pretty bad at following them! I think Mikey will do better with his writing once we’ve worked out some fun prompts for him.

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