It’s strange how after so many cold days, a temperature of 39F (4C) seems like something completely wonderful. This Monday morning the sun is shining, the snow and ice are beginning to melt, and outside the apartment today it just seems beautiful.

The extreme cold has been playing havok with my skin. My hands feel dry and sore, my nails are cracking. The snow that had been clean and white when it first fell is now old and grey. My legs are tired of walking over ice and frozen piles of dirty snow. A little warmth and sunshine is most welcome.

This weekend it was warm enough for me and Mikey to go for a walk. We walked to a grocery store just over a mile away, watching the ground beneath our feet as our weight cracked the now-thin ice layer. We were able to buy flowers without the icy air killing them before we made it home: some daffodils to add some colour to our apartment and welcome spring, even though there is still nothing yet growing in the ground outside.

My husband has been away at a conference on the west coast since the end of February. We had been hoping that he would bring a little of that warm weather with him when he returned, but it seems now that he might not need to.


    • Our frozen snow is about knee deep in the yard too, the walkway is a lake now though! Temperatures could hit the 50’s on Wednesday, very exciting stuff!

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