Avocado Toast & Egg


It’s been a stressful and busy couple of months really, when I am stressed I eat poorly. I am beginning to feel my body starting to rebel against the bad food I’ve been eating, I’ve become sluggish and unenthusiastic. Cold weather doesn’t help because it keeps me inside the apartment more, where I am more inclined to sit around and snack.

My muscles have been crying out for stretches & exercise. I walk around 5 miles every day (usually more) just working and running errands but I’ve been doing it this way for so many years that my body is completely used to it, it doesn’t seem like exercise.

I decided that the beginning of March, after my husband left for his conference, would be as good a time as any to try and get myself back on track. I’ve done 30 minutes of exercise every day for a week, on top of my usual walking, my leg muscles are sore today from a kettlebell workout yesterday! I try to mix it up a little with bodyweight exercises (yoga & pilates) on some days along with some weights on other days. YouTube is an invaluable resource for great workout videos! I’ve been making sure I eat a good breakfast and lunch as well, so that I am not tempted to pig out in the evenings and it seems to be going well. I already feel as though I have more energy, and hopefully I’ll be able to drop this extra 10lbs that I put on over the winter (for warmth!).

My new favourite lunch to make on weekdays is Avocado Toast, topped with an egg and some hot sauce. Quick and easy, tastes delicious. Until about a year ago I maintained that I absolutely did not like avocado at all, until I was convinced to try some homemade guacamole from our local vegetable market. It was some kind of life-changing revelation, now I can’t get enough avocado and begin to crave it if I haven’t eaten any in about a week!

This lunch recipe is really simple, just mashed avocado with a little salt and pepper, spread on wholegrain toast and topped with an egg (sunny side up is my favourite)… then a little splash of hot sauce. Yum.


  1. Mashed avocado. Hmm. I shall have to try this with my egg and toast.

    I do my pushups and situps and ten-pound dumbbell lifts most weekday mornings. But I’m not out and walking enough.
    Steven Tryon´s last post ..In the Forest by Kakaoconad

    • Walking has become an integral part of my daily routine (I’m actually just getting ready now to walk the mile to the grocery store). It is great both physically and mentally, I love to just walk quietly to different places while doing my errands. Not so much in the bad weather, but you get the idea 🙂

      My kettlebell is 10lbs, we did “upgrade” to some 15lb dumbbells recently but I’m still not really strong enough yet to use them comfortably!

  2. Raquel

    You’ve encouraged me to start exercising again, thanks.

    • You should look on YouTube for some videos, if that’s what you wanted to do. There are lots of really good exercise videos on there for free!

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