Snow Storm

The snow began on Saturday evening and continued through until early Monday morning. The 5th largest blizzard in Chicago history, over 19 inches of snow. The side streets became virtually impassable, cars on our street were buried, and we regularly shoveled away the snow from the downstairs back door lest we get stuck inside.

School was cancelled late Sunday evening and Monday quickly became a snow day of epic proportions. Mikey and I climbed through piles of deep snow to a nearby french café for an indulgent brunch of almond french toast and beignets. The sun was shining brightly on our way home and we discovered that some neighbourhood kids had made their porch into a sledding hill. As we passed they invited Mikey to take a turn sliding down.

As the day continued, the streets had yet to be plowed. Neighbours emerged from their homes to help one another shovel out their cars while the kids continued playing on porches and in the tall-sided trails that had been cut through the snow piles. We moved from Germany to Chicago just a few weeks after the 2011 blizzard, so I know that Mikey and I have never seen so much snow fall at once before.

School began again on Tuesday morning, the journey to school felt like a trek through arctic snow. The neighbourhood, now littered with furniture and other oddities marking dibs for cleared parking spots, was strangely quiet except for the occasional sound of revving engines as those who hadn’t had to drive anywhere the day before were just now attempting to get their cars out.

Wednesday brings us more snow, a clean layer to make everything look pretty and white again. This is how I imagine it would feel to live inside a snow globe.

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    • It was certainly the most fun we’ve had on an unscheduled day off school! The other days it was much too cold to do anything. There’s also something quite enchanting about snow up to your knees (or in Mikey’s case up to your thighs!)

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