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At 9am on Valentine’s Day morning Mikey sat at the dining room table to practice his handwriting, followed by some practice with scissors. A little after that (and before we got started on some math) we decided to do a little art project from the Playful Learning book (which I love).

The project was A Map of My Heart, which I thought would be a fun little Valentine’s Day project. Mikey used permanent marker to draw and label all of the things that he loves onto watercolour paper, then painted over it. The project in the book implied that he might like to paint each of the individual things he’d drawn, but in the end he decided that he would rather paint everything red because it was all in a heart.

So it ended up being less of a map, more of a heart shaped picture, but that’s fine too. The beautifully illustrated and coloured heart now has pride of place on the center of the fridge, until we find a frame for it to go in the dining room.

Mikey asked me last week what we were going to do for Valentine’s day and was quite confused when I said we weren’t doing anything. He came home on Friday reporting that he told everyone at school that mummy doesn’t do Valentine’s day and they apparently all think I am weird. He decided that he wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day even if I didn’t. We shared some delicious cupcakes on Friday after school, on Saturday we ordered takeout and watched some fun TV shows together. That’s enough celebration for me.

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