Cancel the Week


The week has been dragging on, I’d like to cancel it please.

I’ve been doing lots of school-related research for Mikey, trying to work out what options are available to us and the best way to forge ahead. Every day asking him how he is feeling and what he has been doing in class, trying to gauge exactly how and why he is struggling. I’ve been waiting three days for someone at his school to return my call and answer my request for a meeting, I’m calling again.

The slick, ice-glazed sidewalks have turned to slush and then re-frozen over. The temperatures have plummeted again and we’d much rather be hiding out in the warm apartment.

A bright spot in a bad week: I received a package from my mum, all the way from England. This lovely soft scarf with a silhouette rabbit print.

Tonight, after his homework, Mikey and I are going to be working on the little valentine’s gifts that he wants to take to school for his friends on Friday. We picked up some cute stickers and erasers from Target on Tuesday evening and we will be making some little notes to go with them. Then Friday and the weekend. I am looking forward to the weekend.


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