What a week is made from




Last weekend was composed of sniffles and coughs, as well as a shoulder injury of mine wrapped tightly with gauze that stopped me from doing as much as I’d have liked. Of course it was my left arm, I’m left-handed, but luckily most of us left-handers are well trained in the fine art of ambidexterity so at least I haven’t been entirely useless.

Last Sunday the apartment was filled with the deliciously warm spicy smell of a chicken tikka masala curry dinner, a good remedy for the wet snow falling outside and a delicious way to ease back into the regular week.

I spent a lot of the week piecing together the final version of the layout and cover for a book being published later this year by the publishing company that I’ve been doing work for, it’s pretty fun to have my name there in the front for the cover art credit. After a meeting last Saturday with someone I do social media and blogging work with, I was inspired to throw together a simple intro to photography ebook and spent some of the week creating layout for that. I’m hoping to get started on the written portion over the coming week.

We’ve been threatened with a snow storm this weekend, eight to twelve inches due to fall between Saturday and Sunday evening. While the sun was still shining on Saturday morning, I ventured out to collect a few necessities. I know I’m not going to want to walk to buy groceries over the next couple of days in that sort of snow!

While I’ve been wearing warm fuzzy socks in the apartment, and making the most of our soft blankets, I started thinking about how it would be nice to have some cozy knitted or crocheted cushions around as well. An excuse to buy some lovely heavy yarn (really I should use up what I already have first) and teach myself to crochet, I’ve been saying I’ll learn for such a long time.


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