Mikey is in his bedroom watching YouTube videos and I can hear the sounds coming through a crack beneath the closed door: silly, high-pitched voices and laughter. We had thought that we might let him stay up late with us to welcome in the New Year, but these past few days have been so filled with sickness and sleep it wasn’t long before that sleep caught up with him again. He was tucked up and cozy in bed by 9pm.

My husband and I, still recovering from the sinus infection that has plagued us over the Christmas break, spent New Year’s Eve on our couch watching Sons of Anarchy. My feet pressed in between the couch cushions and the cat perched on my knees. We were made aware of the New Year when the cat, who had been peacefully sleeping, looked around startled for the source of the loud bangs outside. I told my husband Happy New Year and we high-fived.

“You’re supposed to kiss me, not high-five…”

I’m here on the couch again this morning, writing in my notebook and making a start on one of my goals of the New Year which is to make the time to read more books (especially now that I have to catch up on books my husband gave me for my birthday in September and the new ones I received from him for Christmas!). Among other little goals and intentions, I’m hoping for health this year for my family… we’ve had a distinct lack of it last year. Perhaps that can be my word for 2015: Health.


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