First Snow

I’d thought that our playing in the snow days were prematurely over, last winter brought us so much of it. Not so long ago Mikey remarked that it was strange that it hadn’t snowed yet this winter.
“Good,” He said, “I don’t want it to snow, I don’t like the cold.”
“Don’t you want to make a snowman this year? Or have a snowball fight?”
“No, I don’t think so. The snow is cold and it isn’t fun. It makes my gloves wet.”
I mentioned the snow a few other times, when soft flakes were falling but not staying, “Wouldn’t it be fun if it snowed enough for us to play in it?” His answer was always in the negative.

During the first weekend of January, Chicago had its first real snow of the season. By Sunday morning there was a perfect layer of pristine white snow on everything. When I woke, Mikey directed me to the window to see. He quietly asked if we could go outside to make snowballs.
“Of course we can make snowballs! Get you coat, gloves, boots, and hat… let’s go to the park.”
“Yeah, I want to see how much snow is there!”
“We can stay until we get too cold.”
“I don’t think we’ll get that cold mummy.”

The day seemed to pass too quickly. A morning of snowball fights at the park, followed by fresh doughnuts brought home from the bakery and finally tidying away the Christmas decorations to mark the end of winter vacation.

The temperature has drop yet further this week, so he’s decided again that the snow is too cold. On Wednesday school was cancelled due to dangerous temperatures, I agree that wrapping up and trudging to school each day in it is not anywhere near as fun as being able to go out and throw snowballs.


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