On Those Days at Home





On these days at home we practiced handwriting and letter forming. We drew diagrams of each of the planets in our solar system, practicing how to use reference books for research. We read books, wrote a book report, and practiced spelling. We talked about electricity and built small circuits.

We watched the windows as more glittery snow fell on Sunday afternoon. Mikey had school again on Monday, but he proposed an experiment that we could do after. Any excuse to play with water guns, even in these cold temperatures, he wants to know what happens if you put water on snow. His hypothesis is that the snow will melt, but that the water might turn to ice. What happens if you put ice cubes in the snow? His hypothesis is that the ice cube will melt. A collection of tools for the experiment are waiting in the kitchen: Water guns, an old iPhone to use as a camera and a timer, a bowl for ice cubes.


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