Favourite Roast Chicken

roast chicken, salt, rosemary, lemon

When we’re all feeling under the weather during the weekend before Christmas, there’s nothing to be done but to drink plenty of tea and take naps in the afternoon. While the boys are napping this Sunday afternoon I pulled together my favourite roast chicken recipe so we could all have something warm and comforting to eat for dinner this evening.

I adore roast chicken, my favourite way to make it is a sort of mix-up of a Nigella Lawson recipe from her book Feast and a classic Delia Smith recipe. I’ve been making it this way for years now, so I end up throwing a few things of my own in there too depending on what we have. This afternoon we had some lemons and rosemary hanging around in the kitchen; an hour or so after putting the chicken in the oven, the kitchen is alive with the most delicious smell.

I’ll serve the Rosemary and Lemon Chicken with Garlic Rice and Roasted Broccoli. I hope the boys are both feeling up to eating by the time it is ready.

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