Disorganized Holidays




It seems that we’re really failing at the holidays this year, my husband and I were saying to one another this weekend, we feel rushed and disorganized. Halloween was a mess, Thanksgiving Dinner got messed up and now Christmas. There are very few decorations up in the apartment and our trip to collect the Christmas tree on Monday night had to be cancelled because of the rain. I think we’re going to buy an artificial tree instead.

I forgot to send out Christmas cards.

I know that Mikey is still going to have a great Christmas. I just didn’t get to do any of the family traditions that we have been doing every year. A silly thing to worry about, I suppose they are more for me then for anyone else at this point. We haven’t even really been listening to much Christmas music at all, and we all love Christmas music.

Mikey came down with a cold over the weekend, but it appears that his new inhaler and medicine is working! The cold lasted about as long as any normal cold would and there was very little coughing, nothing like the extended month-long cold, all-night cough and subsequent doctor’s visit that his colds usually come with. Of course, this cold wasn’t short enough that I would avoid catching it from him. So today I’m drinking honey, lemon, thyme tea for my throat while I watch some TV (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries) and make a few more decorations for the apartment.

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