Sunshine Hunter


As the temperatures outside begin to drop in anticipation of a snowy winter, Meridian has been seeking out spots of sunshine in the apartment. She moves her sleeping positions during the day as the sunlight slowly drifts from one side of the apartment to the other. After the sun sets, her evenings are mostly spent hunting for discarded blankets or human company.

She has a little routine wherein she will sneak her way into Mikey’s room after he has fallen asleep and curl up in the blankets beside his feet. She also particularly likes it when Mikey leaves his winter coat on the floor and will wrap herself in the hood or sleeves.

We’ve noticed that she has become much more friendly as it has got colder, choosing to snuggle up with us as opposed to perching on the window ledge (her summer bed of choice). Of course after midnight she still patrols each room and gallops from one side of the apartment to the other, attacking troublesome knots in the hardwood and climbing furniture.

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