Heavy Winter Curtains



The cold has arrived early. I’ve been sewing heavy winter curtains this week, dark colours and thick fabric to better keep the heat from escaping. Or to keep the cold from coming in, if you prefer.

In doing so, I’ve noticed something strange that I miss about our old apartment in a strange sort of way. The vintage windows in the dining room would make this sound every time a gust of wind blew up against them, a long low whistle followed by a whooormp and a rattleAn odd thing to miss, especially considering how drafty those old windows were, our apartment now has much nicer (read: non-drafty) windows… but the memory will do what it will.

After working outside in the snow for a couple of hours on Monday, I don’t have to go out to work anywhere outside our home until Monday next week (save for a quick consult-over-coffee on Wednesday evening). I’ll have some time to prepare for Thanksgiving, which we are having at home this year. Mikey is excited about eating turkey and pumpkin pie, I’m happy to spend the day in the kitchen with blushes of steam on the windows from the heat of the stove.

Because I don’t have to go anywhere for about a week I’m going to be teaching myself some new skills, I’ve been learning how to use Adobe Illustrator and have been having a lot of fun with that. I have a pile of books on design waiting for me to read and every intention of learning as many new things as I can cram into these few days. I’ve already learned a number of things that are new to me: little tidbits about design, Illustrator tools, colour and suchlike. The cold is good for me in that respect, there’s something beyond perfect about curling up with a cup of tea, a book, and a notebook while the wind presses against the windows outside.


    • Exactly. Drafty windows are a strange thing to miss, but I suppose I just got used to the sound. Much like when we move away from this apartment I expect I’ll miss the sound of the el train passing by our back window every 20 minutes 🙂

  1. The sound that your windows made when the air whooshed up against it sounds oddly comforting. I love that about older homes – the creaky floorboard at the bottom of the stairs and such.
    Kristi Bonney´s last post ..I Am Not Okay

  2. We hung heavy curtains recently as well and it made me think very clearly about the intentional blocking out (or keeping in) of things / situations. Loved this post!

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