Feeling Better


This is the face of a little boy who has fully recovered from the mess of illness that took over the entire month of October. Our trip to the allergist last week went well, we confirmed his outdoor mold allergy and a general sensitivity (but not true allergy) to any number of things. Our official diagnosis is asthma, we will discover if there is anything else at play once x-rays (chest and neck/mouth/nose) have been done and test results have been received but for now – asthma.

He’s been started on some regular medicine, a preventative inhaler and a nasal spray. His residual cough disappeared almost immediately and he is able to breathe through his nose now. It seems that it is triggered by the mold allergy and/or illness. Looking forward, we’re hoping that in the future when he does catch a cold it wont end up with us in the ER, that it wont linger on for a month each time. We’re hoping that he wont be as susceptible to colds and suchlike… fingers crossed.


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