The Nights Draw In

Things have continued to be quite hectic. I must admit that I much prefer the slowness of our usual day-to-day, but I know that it will all even out soon enough. The leaves started a dry rustle in the breeze not long ago and one evenings strong wind brought a lot of them down, marking the move from summer into autumn. The sun is low in the sky and the nights are beginning to draw in.

With the autumn brought family visiting last week on furlough from Burundi. After they were picked up from the airport we hosted them for dinner, Mikey was thrilled to play with the cousin he hasn’t seen for two years and to finally meet his newest cousin for the very first time. Hopefully there will be plenty of chances for them to play together before they are scheduled to return.

Tuesday was Mikey’s 7th birthday. I spent the evening before his birthday making treat bags for him to take to school, complete with Minecraft-themed bookmarks. While he was at school I spent the day wrapping his gifts and decorating the living room with streamers and balloons.

After school he spoke to his grandparents in England on Skype and opened his gift from them, a remote control car which he then used to play with/chase the cat (after observing the car for a little while the cat decided that she was brave enough to hunt it as it disappeared under the couch). We then walked to a nearby cupcake cafe and chose a birthday cupcake to eat after dinner. When his daddy came home from work we opened gifts, played, ate, and watched Frozen at his request.







You might have noticed that we’ve been in the midst of a Minecraft obsession for a while now. Mikey has invited some friends from school to the park on Saturday for a Minecraft-themed birthday party, his first real party. Invitations went out last week, the cake has been ordered, I’m in the middle of making decorations (Pixel Papercraft has been a godsend for lots of printable Minecraft goodies!).

Once the festivities are over, we have a few different appointments to run all over the city for and then things should calm back down… at least until the time comes to start making halloween decorations!


  1. Oh, dear, Bex. Mikey is a natural in front of the camera.

    Cheers for Daniel and Anne. It’s quite a work they have taken on.


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