English Coats and Cardigans

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We’re nearing the end of October; the nights are drawing in further and before long it’ll be November and our morning walks to school will be brisk and frost-tinged. I don’t really want to think about the snow again just yet, especially after last winter, but early reports say it’s going to be another cold one.

Joules asked me recently if I’d like to put together a Winter Wishlist and I jumped at the chance, I love the classic English style of their clothing and it was honestly pretty tough to narrow down my choices. I don’t care so much for clothing and fashion in the summer months, but as soon as Autumn and Winter roll around I’m in my element.

We really loved the clothes that Mikey recieved from Joules last year: they’ve held up so well that he still wears them, and you know how difficult it is to get clothes for little boys that last for that long. He’s going to grow out of them very soon, and that will most certainly be a sad day!

My first choice for a winter wishlist in Chicago’s weather is always going to be a coat or jacket. My favourite piece is this burgundy quilted jacket, it’s the perfect antidote to the dull black coats we usually see in the winter, plus it looks deliciously warm. I’m all about skirts and dresses in the Autumn/Winter as well, I really love this Empire Line Tunic and think it would look great with some thick black tights or some warm woolen socks. Plus the navy blue looks great with the burgundy jacket.

Chelsea boots are a great investment, they’re functional as well as stylish, and they go with pretty much anything. I’ve been holding out on buying a pair because I’ve been looking for some that are just right… but I think these are it. The Tansy Yellow Poynter Cardigan is on the wishlist because sometimes I need a little something to brighten up a dreary winter day. I can’t resist cardigans, they’re a staple wardrobe piece for me (I collect them like some people collect purses). Finally, the soft gold Maybelle Glass Necklace because I think everyone needs a little bit of sparkle in winter.

What clothes are on your winter wishlist?

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