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I didn’t consider that I’d be the sort of person to apologize for not blogging in so long. I had always just thought that the enthusiasm for writing and taking photographs comes and goes, that they are both things I enjoy so I’d always keep it up.

I haven’t been doing much of anything to replace the time I would have spent photographing, crafting, or writing. I’ve been taking care of my family for the past month. Mikey has been sick again, first on my birthday at the starts of September and now again since his birthday party at the start of October. An unusually bad reaction to whatever it is that he is allergic to had him off of school for two days after his party. He just coughs and coughs and coughs all day and night, sometimes he is coughing too much for me to be able to send him to school or he is exhausted from having been awake all night coughing. The recent allergy symptoms I guess left him susceptible to a particularly nasty winter cold, which he caught the weekend he was starting to feel better.

And this is how it has been, every September through May since he started going to school. This time the allergies plus the cold landed him in the ER at 11pm on Columbus day, October 13. We were there until around 5am the following morning as they tried different things to help him stop coughing and be able to breathe. Finally the coughing subsided and we were able to come home. He took the rest of the week off of school because the coughing returned fairly quickly, although not as bad as that night. He hasn’t had a full night’s sleep since that date, October 13th, and in turn neither have I. Of course he was kind enough to share the cold with me and my husband as well, our house is now just full of exhausted coughing.

The virus has surely left his system by now, his throat and chest must just be so aggravated from the constant coughing that he can’t seem to stop. Friday morning was our third doctors appointment this season about the same problem. We have an appointment to see an allergist in November, and a pulmonologist a week after that to hopefully figure out what the underlying problem is and how to get rid of it. This problem has been happening for a few winters now and is getting gradually worse each year. It’s interfering with his school work, with his sleep, and now he’s losing weight as well. The snoring and mouth breathing caused by his constantly stuffy nose and post nasal drip is even destroying his teeth.

We’re tired, we want answers, and most of all we want our boy back.


    • Thank you Naomi! We’ll work it out in the end, just so tiring in the meantime… I feel like we’re missing so much of our favourite season!

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