New Days

Each morning is a delicate ritual of bleary eyes, coffee, pen & paper, breakfast requests, and a playful cat swatting at the hanging open tie from my bathrobe. Sometimes the ritual doesn’t play out correctly, the morning ends up rushed or just unbalanced. Mikey going back to school last week added some urgency to the morning that we haven’t felt since he finished for the summer, it has thrown us off a little but we are getting better at it. The cat misses him when he is at school, by the time 2.45 comes around she is pacing the length of the apartment waiting for him to return.

On Thursday I was in the kitchen at around 5pm, preparing corn for a recipe: Steak with Hot Sauce Butter, Corn and Spinach Salad that we had decided on for that evening. The struggle of day 3’s homework of the new school year was done and put away, the cat was snoozing on the couch. The pattern of the corn spiraled and popped, I’d let it brown too much on one side. My husband finished playing with Mikey and joined me in the kitchen to begin cooking the steak while I chatted at him. This summer has been long, it has been undoubtedly difficult in places but these evenings make me think that ultimately it has been good to us.

My husband will cease working from home next week. We’ve been lucky to be able to have him so close by for the entire summer, I’ve felt it especially, only having to knock on the closed door to his home office to bring him coffee or when I want to sit with him quietly while he works. Working from a new office will be good for him in the long run though, and good for helping us define home time. At least the office isn’t so far away.

Saturday marked my 29th birthday, a day that Mikey and I ended up spending in the doctor’s waiting room after he had some sort of an allergic reaction to something yet unknown. We saw a different doctor than usual, tests were done and we were told that an allergy would answer a lot of questions we have had about his health over the past few years. A little more hopeful in a way than our regular doctor’s diagnosis of kids just get sick a lot, when I brought him to her office a few months prior.

The remainder of my birthday included some lovely gifts from my husband, some books that have jumped to the top of my to-read pile: How to Steal like an Artist (which I completely devoured that day and will refer to again and again), Pantone: The 20th Century in Color (which is stunningly beautiful and fastidious in design, filled with just the sort of art & design history that appeals to me), and The Design of Everyday Things (which I haven’t had a chance to climb into yet, but looks promising). Seeing my visible delight, my husband announced, “See, I know you better than you know yourself.” I concede.

We cooked dinner together in the kitchen that evening, Shrimp with Garlic and Chili Pepper, and afterwards (at Mikey’s insistence) ate cake. I treated myself to a few items from Modcloth & Etsy with birthday money sent from my parents, things that should arrive over the next couple of weeks giving me a sort of extended birthday.

I declare today (Sunday) to be a day of self-care. I have books that need reading and creative endeavors that need beginnings.


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