10601881_694208903992697_630594136_nStarting is freeing, amazing and wonderful. Starting is overwhelming and scary.

The rain was falling heavily outside, hitting the windows and darkening the sky. I turned on the overhead light in the middle of the day so that I could see to work. The apartment was quiet, Mikey in his room reading and my husband out at a meeting. All I could hear was the sound of the rain and music from my computer speakers nearby.

My fingers were at first wrapped around a lightweight awl, if this doesn’t work out then the print is ruined anyway. Later, stitches of burnt orange began to lick their way over the mat and spread onto the print itself.

I’ve been mulling this mixed media project over for a little while. I’m not sure of where it will go or if it will even be anything at all, we shall see. But for now it seems to make some sort of sense to me.


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