No School


School finished for Mikey on Friday. We had a little before-school treat of donuts (with sprinkles!) and sat on the sidewalk outside the donut shop, our feet stretching out into the road and donuts on paper napkins in our laps. A quick wipe of sticky fingers afterwards and it was time for Mikey’s final day of Kindergarten.

Last Saturday afternoon the weather was just that crazy kind of perfect that only ever happens a few times per year. We did a little yard work, spent time hunting for caterpillars in the vegetable garden and Mikey did a little bike riding up and down the sidewalk out front. Late in the evening I saw the seasons first firefly. Somehow this new space makes us all feel a little more human.

While lamb curry simmered away on the stove for dinner, I sat in our new living room and read a little. I’ve been making my way through The Book Thief, not being really sure what I think of it just yet. The light flows beautifully in through the windows of the living room all day, filtering through the curtains and pooling on the hardwood floor. The perfect spot to sit and read a while, Mikey and I have been taking turns.


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