On Saturday afternoon we added a new member to our family; Meridian (the name given to her at the shelter, and the name we decided to keep for her) is from PAWS Chicago. We have wanted to add a pet to our little family for some time, but have never been in the right living situation where we could keep an animal.

People say that cats choose their owners. We arrived at the shelter on Saturday afternoon and began looking at kittens, Mikey really loved a tiny little white kitten with grey patches on his face. We sat in the kitten room for a little while, but I wasn’t really sold on any of them.

We decided to go into a different room to look at some slightly older cats. We sat down and I didn’t see Meridian at first, Mikey was trying to get a black and white cat interested in playing with him. My husband saw her before me or Mikey, as she eyed us up from her hiding place. Soon she was sidling up to the chair I was sitting in and then jumping right up onto my lap.

She proved to be happy and friendly with all of us, our minds were made up. We filled out the paperwork and took her home that afternoon.


She has been in her new home for two days now. Timid at first, she hid in Mikey’s underwear drawer. Later on Saturday evening she became bolder, venturing out to explore the rest of Mikey’s room and then later more of the apartment. By the time midnight rolled around, she was happily sitting on the couch with my husband and me.

By Sunday evening she seemed to have chosen some favourite spots: a dining chair for naps, under the bed for hiding, the living room couch for watching Pokemon with Mikey. She has walked across my keyboard several times this Monday morning as I’ve been working and writing.

There are a few things that we still need to do or get used to with her. Just having a pet around is a new experience for us. But at the moment she is stretched out on a dining chair beside me, she just fits exactly right as a part of our little family.


    • She is gorgeous isn’t she? She’s just so friendly and pleasant as well, it is hard to believe someone would give her up to a shelter.

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