Kindergarten Graduation


Mikey’s Kindergarten graduation ceremony was on Tuesday of last week. The kids got to all stand up on stage and perform the songs that they had been practicing so diligently during the prior week, then each child in turn walked up on stage to shake hands with the principal.

Mikey was that kid, once he had spotted us in the audience he waved repeatedly during the performance. He was one of the very last children to go up and shake hands with the principal, waving the entire time he was standing in line. When it was finally his turn he began to walk across the stage like they had practiced,  he had made it about halfway when his graduation cap began to slip. The cap fell to the floor as he reached the other side, a quick readjustment and a shake of the principals hand and then he was on his way to another room for snacks and juice.

After the ceremony we all went to eat at a place next to the school. Fries, hotdogs, and burgers!



I thought I wouldn’t get sentimental about the graduation, but in the end I did. My 4lb preemie is one of the tallest in his class and he finished Kindergarten this year! Now onto a wonderful summer and a strong start to first grade in the Autumn.



  1. what fun! he looks so grown up and I loved when they entered first grade. Glad you had fun.

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