Rain from the days prior has all but dried; only the occasional water-filled pothole alludes to it ever having rained at all. That, and of course the fresh new leaves or the bright grass lining the sidewalk.

Tuesday morning’s air was heavy and thick, for some reason it inspired me to go for a run.

I don’t usually run, I don’t really like running. I practice yoga at home, sometimes attending classes nearby with a friend. I also practice mat Pilates in my living room, I lift weights at home as well. I have been doing all of these things regularly since November of last year, but I have been slacking lately. I’ve felt the comparative laziness take effect on my body, I’m not even as strong as I was only a month ago. I’m less flexible, I’m sluggish.

So I ran. I started out listening to music while I ran, Daft Punk is good music to run to. I took out my headphones about halfway through the run and listened to the city sounds around me, my own two feet one at a time hitting the sidewalk in pattern. I let myself zone out and use the time as a kind of meditative practice. I feel better.


    • I shouldn’t have slacked off like I did this past month! I have no excuse! Just got done with some yoga poses and feeling so much better 🙂

  1. I hate running. But it’s the only exercise that really works for me. I just started back last week!

    • I don’t like it either, I’m not sure what possessed me! I suppose I do like the headspace it gives you, but I think I’ll go back to my usual stuff (yoga/pilates/weights)

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