Cardboard Boxes

I woke with the sort of teeth-grinding dull headache that feels as though my head is wrapped in a thick blanket, the sky was still dark and the wind pushed at our old wooden windows.

I’ve been reading a lot these past weeks, but haven’t felt as though I wanted to write anything for a while. I’ve been out taking photos too, but have mostly just left them sitting open on my computer. Books litter the end table next to my couch, with my e-reader perched on the top. I recently finished reading The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff, and also a young adult book for work – Alex and the Enderson Brothers by Roz Monette. Next on my e-reader is The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton before it is due back at the library.

Recently I began working for an independent publishing company, Cedar Grove Books. I’m doing social media and some other digital things for them, it has been a lot of fun for me to spend time reading articles and listening to podcasts related to literature and the publishing industry.

Packing has begun in the apartment, ready for the move at the end of May. I’ve been packing our lives into large cardboard boxes, listening as the rain beats against the windows outside. We have managed to part with a lot of things that we no longer need and yet there is still plenty to pack. I’ve been spending my time between work and worrying about how on earth we will be able to transport all of our books downstairs from our second floor apartment over the four blocks and up another flight of stairs to the new apartment. But we did it before and we’ll do it again, somehow. Even if our habit of collecting books doesn’t really match up so much with moving so frequently.

Our new space is perfect for us. A kitchen large enough to congregate in, to cook together. A dining room, that with the addition of all of these books will become half transformed into a library. There’s a little yard space out back and an office for my husband to work in, just off of the living room. The apartment is a little further from Mikey’s school but is close by to all sorts of little boutiques, an old movie theater, a library, a park.

All that Mikey remembers of our last move, from Heidelberg Germany to Chicago US, is that some of our things (namely some of his toys) were accidentally misplaced and never found. He is anxious about it happening again and has been watching me hawk-like as I pack, lest it happen again.

Meanwhile the landscape of the city is transforming before our eyes. Greenery has appeared from where there was only frozen mud before, the trees are beautiful and heavy with blossom.



  1. Meanwhile, we keep finding treasures in boxes from our move two years ago.

    Hang in there, Bex and Mikey and Dan.


    • We were actually looking in our basement locker on Monday and found a few treasures we had never unpacked, or small pieces of furniture that didn’t fit in the apartment and we had forgotten about 🙂

    • Yes I’m excited about the new space… it is a big upgrade from our current living situation, but still. Boxes boxes boxes, and that weird nostalgic feeling as well. Change is tough. We move in a couple of weeks so it’ll be over before I know it, then on to the rest of our lives.

      I hope all of your stuff with the move is going smoothly.

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